Enterprise Coaching for Agility: Bootcamp

This is a 6-halfday bootcamp for Agile Leaders, Managers and Coaches that work at the enterprise level in Agile transformations.
(This is combining the ICP-ENT and the ICP-CAT into one bootcamp).

Remote Workshop
9am-1pm EST, two days a week for three weeks:

(Ticket Price: $1,950 USD)

Tuesday, February 16
Wednesday, February 17
Tuesday, February 23
Wednesday, February 24
Tuesday, March 2
Wednesday, March 3

Enterprise Coaching for Agility – Master Cohort Program

Kicking off May 2021

We are excited to launch our fourth Enterprise Coaching Master Cohort Program in May 2021! As we move into a new decade, Trans4mation is laser-focused on deepening the development of Enterprise Coaches and Leaders to radically change the results of Agile Transformations.

Our “Enterprise Coaching for Agility – Master Cohort Program” (ECMP) will take your Agile Coaching skills to the next level, helping you to develop a rich understanding of the complexity and scope of Enterprise Agility. There’s no other program in the world like it. It is the first Enterprise Coaching program to be accredited by ICAgile for the expert level certification in Enterprise Coaching. We launched the first “Pioneer Cohort” ECMP last October in the Azores Islands and are already seeing radical changes in how the coaches are relating to their own self as instrument of change, and in how they relate to and approach Agile Transformation.

Welcome to the Enterprise Coaching for Agility – Master Cohort Program Application. *Please note: you are not registered for the Cohort until you have gone through the application process and paid your deposit.
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