“Too much self-analysis around who you are as a leader, how you show up each day, and how you interact with others as part of a system can be exhausting and many times unfruitful. For the past several years, I have felt stuck in my career; not moving forward as if I had reached an invisible wall. Through coaching, Michele helped me to identify personas to represent who I am today and who I wanted to become as a leader. Her approach and effective use of tools such as the leadership 360 profile and Integral Agile made self-awareness fun and achievable. Michele helped me to recognize traits in myself that were blocking me from moving forward to shape new and deeper partnerships in my career. While the work to transform is still up to me, I am grateful to Michele for helping me find the courage to see greater potential in myself and new ways of “being”. Thank you Michele!!!” – Debbie


“I wanted to take a moment to thank you Michele for your knowledge and guidance in these areas. The two courses I have taken with you so far have proven to be deeper and more profound than most I have experienced before. I really appreciate your effort and the things I have learned along the way.   Keep helping people and being awesome!!” – Wayne


“I truly appreciate Michele’s workshops and her style. She is knowledgeable, genuine and truly able to connect with people in an amazing way. I just love being in groups she has led.” – Catherine


“Thank you Michele for a wonderful class, as always!   Thank you for helping us expand our minds and emotions so we can support others in their journeys and evolutions.” – Diane


“Fantastic workshop! In 3 days, I experienced first hand how my own attitudes & actions impede my intentions to influence change, as well as, received the tools necessary to bring about wholistic transformational change in both my personal and professional life. Thank you Michele, Michael, and Stuart!” – Debbie


“Best workshop ever. I am now consciously aware of the importance of the “Interior” side of the Agile Transformations and I am now using what I learned to help others to make a mindset shift and for my personal development. Fantastic conversations and people. Thanks Michele Madore, Michael Spayd, Stuart McCalla.” – Gus


“Amazing people with a world of experience. The Agile Transformational Leader workshop was one of the best I have ever been to, I highly recommend this course and these trainers. It is life changing!!!” – Chuck


“Thank you for organizing my participation in the Agile Transformational Leader workshop. It was an amazing experience. It was really worth my journey across the globe.” – Kannan


“I truly am amazed by the impact of this training. I never attended a class before that had so much influence on myself, the way I think and the way I see things. This is a brilliant format with two absolutely amazing and caring Coaches. I loved being with them and our group. A life changing experience.” – Bettina


“And a great training it was! We covered all aspects needed to make an Agile transformation successful at the Enterprise level. I recommend!” – Richard


“Learnt a lot about integral approach to organizational transformation and leadership change, thanks to T4 and Koen.” – Frederik


“Michele Madore & Michael Spayd, Thank you for taking us on this amazing learning journey. Thank you to everyone for being so real and so opened which to me is a very rare and beautiful gift. Just a few days shy of Thanksgiving, I am feeling blessed for sharing this beautiful experience with each and every one of you!! Best of luck to all of you with your personal and organizational transformation. I believe that with our heighten level of consciousness equipped with the right “tools”, we can make the world a better place with one leader at a time!!” – Linda


“I came away from this workshop with a boost of confidence that I am on the right track with my personal transformation journey and a strong reminder for why it’s all worth it. I am coming to see how this journey sometimes requires us to go against everything that previously held our world together, to risk it all for the sake of a shaky and not yet clear purpose that is struggling to emerge. With the Agile Transformational Leader Workshop, Michael and Michele provided valuable content that helped me to make sense of the complex challenges that I have been facing as a leader in my organization. But perhaps even more valuable was the supportive container that it provided, which allowed me to get encouragement and guidance from other like minded leaders who understand what this journey is all about. Clearly, evolving leadership in our culture is not something that can be done alone, and there is a huge need for workshops like this. Kudos to Michael and Michele for providing a fantastic venue for this. Highly recommended.” – Jeremy


“I’m not sure I’ve ever taken a class that challenged and pulled me apart as much as the last three days with Michael and Michele.” – Oluf


“Thanks for a great workshop in Oakland! Many perspectives and tools which were unknown to me just a couple of weeks ago have now been incorporated into my mind as if they were always there. And concepts that I was already familiar with got reinforced and better connected to others. To me those are the marks of great training and very talented teachers. Thank you.” – Esbjörn


“Thank you Michele for a truly transformational experience. You and Michael are clearly the leaders for executive transformation using the Integral Agile Framework.” – Gail


“I have a background as a CIO and more recently as a certified Leadership Coach and am in a process myself of integrating these two phases of my background. Michele and Michael have, in a very clear, thought-through and diligent way, done this for me. Wow! I am every so thankful for the insights they have given me through sharing the Integral Agile Transformation Framework with me and given me a way of approaching my consulting work. Besides that, I am so incredibly thankful for the community they have helped create here in Stockholm through their way of being as teachers. Thanks so much once again for a fabulous course!” – Catherine


“Michele and Michael – Thank you so much for facilitating and leading us through this wonderful class. Your personalities, expertise, and partnership made this a wonderful and enlightening experience. I learned so much about the framework, and about myself.” – Andy


“I truly and deeply enjoyed the course and it gave me plenty of insights and also confirmation of many of my core beliefs, all in all giving me a firmer platform from which to evolve both personally and professionally. Michael and Michele are on a whole different level of insights and ability to convey wisdom, and the safe space they, and we, created together was just heaven. When the course ended after three days it felt like leaving the safety of the cradle.” – YIva


“This course has helped me to grow not only as an ‘Agile Change Agent’ but also as a person. I have learned a lot about myself and my leadership. The IATF has allowed me to structure many of my thoughts and ideas and help my organization in the Agile Journey. The course gives also plenty of practical things that can be used immediately after the course. It is a great course and I recommend it!” – Dominika


“While the ICP-ENT training was intended to be for my professional development, I got that and even much more. The class made me to be more aware of myself. This knowledge, without doubt would help me to become a better person as well as a suitable tool for transformation in my organization.” – James


“I was so impressed with Michele’s class that I would recommend her to my peers. More importantly, I have developed a mental map of addressing my organizational problems and concerns using the Integral Agile Transformation Framework.” – Anonymous


“The ATL Workshops gives you a clear understanding of the Integral Transformation Framework. What makes this framework so powerful is the holistic approach taking all perspective into account you have in a Transformation or Change. You can really feel that Michael and Michele are living and embracing every word they say. It is the workshop I learned the most!” – Daniel