“I truly and deeply enjoyed the course and it gave me plenty of insights and also confirmation of many of my core beliefs, all in all giving me a firmer platform from which to evolve both personally and professionally. Michael and Michele are on a whole different level of insights and ability to convey wisdom, and the safe space they, and we, created together was just heaven. When the course ended after three days it felt like leaving the safety of the cradle.”

– YIva Johansson


“While the ICP-ENT training was intended to be for my professional development, I got that and even much more. The class made me to be more aware of myself. This knowledge, without doubt would help me to become a better person as well as a suitable tool for transformation in my organization.”

James Ogunyemi


“I was so impressed with Michele’s class that I would recommend her to my peers. More importantly, I have developed a mental map of addressing my organizational problems and concerns using the Integral Agile Transformation Framework.”


“The ATL Workshops gives you a clear understanding of the Integral Transformation Framework. What makes this framework so powerful is the holistic approach taking all perspective into account you have in a Transformation or Change. You can really feel that Michael and Michele are living and embracing every word they say. It is the workshop I learned the most!”

– Daniel Fiedler