Brittany Tew

Operations Manager
Brittany Tew

I am currently Operations Manager of Trans4mation, where my focus is managing all back-end operations – including planning and coordinating events/workshops, facilitating financial reporting, building an online presence for our organization, and most importantly, bringing inspiration and passion to work. My goal is to always bring joy and positivity and to make a difference every day. So often we hear about the bad in the world or focus on negativity, but I believe it is important to remember there is always more good than bad. Focus on making a difference each day, even if for a moment. Tell someone the simple words “You Matter.” I love these words by Sue Krebs, “You might be but one drop in a bigger ocean, but even that drop causes ripples which affect every other drop.”

I feel lucky to be a part an organization where we help not only other people and systems change, but also internally, within ourselves. Prior to Trans4mation, I was in the wedding industry for 9 years. Although an entirely different realm, I was thrilled to help create and be a part of something so beautiful – love & happiness.

I studied Mass Communications, Public Relations and Business at Virginia Commonwealth University and am proud to be part of the VCU RAM Alumni.

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