The T4 Pod is a cross-functional team of Agile Coaches with Business, Technical, Leadership and Transformation Mastery skills using the Integral Agile Transformation Framework™ to guide Agile Transformations for clients. We believe successful Agile transformations require a consistent and unified approach from external coaches and this T4 Pod model gives us the ability to train our Pods to offer our clients a well-designed Transformation approach.

Full Circle Group/The Leadership Circle

Trans4mation has developed an exclusive strategic partnership in the Agile space with the creators of The Leadership Circle Profile to leverage their senior leadership development experience and to assist us in facilitating Agile transformations in clients who have a commitment to our leader-first approach to change.

Having trained thousands of Agile coaches around the world, we are able to draw from a rich pool of coaches and consultants that align with our approach to fit our client’s unique needs.