Collective Leadership Effectiveness is Your Strategic Competitive Advantage

Organizations around the globe are responding to the turbulence of today’s world by adopting Agile development processes in their product and service delivery, since Agile provides well-tested methods to improve a company’s speed, customer satisfaction, and quality of delivery.

However, adopting Agile is not simply a matter of “installing” Agile. Rather, by its very nature, an Agile adoption is an organizational change effort. But change is really hard. As a recent study of more than 100 major change efforts demonstrated, 85% don’t yield tangible, durable results. Why?  Changing a complex organizational system requires a broadly holistic, systemic approach, especially from an organization’s leaders. Agile can increase organizational capability, but it also can raise existing challenges to the surface.

The challenge to leadership is not just being more business- or tech-savvy. Rather, it is a matter of helping leaders transform the way they think and see the world—a shift in their consciousness—in order to effectively address the new challenges of our times. The old ways simply cannot work.

Trans4mation is dedicated to helping leaders develop the agility of mind needed to face the challenges of 21st Century business and technology. To leverage leadership as a competitive advantage.

The Leadership System Approach for Leveraging Your Competitive Advantage

The Leadership System™

The Leadership System™ is a complete leadership development program which Trans4mation has adopted to help leaders navigate the complex waters of Agile organizational transformation. It focuses on improving business results by improving individual and collective leadership for both individual leaders and for leadership teams.  Trans4mation is an exclusive strategic partner of Full Circle Group/The Leadership Circle within the Agile space, and is certified to deliver their programs.

The Leadership System™ has the following flow and includes the following components (which can be ordered separately):


Discovery and The Leadership Circle Profile™ Assessment

The Leadership Circle Profile assessment enables an awakening to the reality of your leadership effectiveness, both individually and as a team. We start by working with the Senior leader(s) and/or the Senior Team to clarify goals for collective leadership effectiveness and business performance improvement. In this awareness phase, The Leadership Circle Profile™ is conducted for each leader individually. The Leadership Circle Profile™ is a breakthrough 360-assessment tool that provides feedback on a leader’s behavioral impact on others, measured against a large array of well-researched leadership competencies. Even more powerfully, it also reveals the inner beliefs and assumptions—often hidden from our consciousness—which determine that individual’s leadership effectiveness. 

The Promise of Leadership™ Workshop

This highly experiential and interactive day-and-a-half workshop frames how effective leadership translates into business performance, and places the model of leadership at the heart of The Leadership Circle Profile™ within the context of the specific challenges facing you as leaders. Next, each leader has a 1-on-1 debrief of their personal Leadership Circle Profile™ to begin understanding and integrating their profile feedback. Finally, we work with the entire team to help you understand the reactive patterns which inhibit your collective leadership effectiveness, and to envision what kind of leadership team you truly aspire to, and commit to, being.

The overall experience of the day-and-a-half leaves leaders with a powerful new context for their development as leaders.


Leader to Leader™

You may stop after receiving your Leadership Circle Profile™results, armed with a set of powerful insights and a deepened awareness of your leadership effectiveness. Most leadership teams, however, elect to continue on to the Growth part of the Leadership System roadmap. Leader-to-Leader™ is a peer coaching and accountability cohort process. Each cohort of 6 to 8 senior leaders meet monthly to coach each other and hold each other accountable for making progress on their development goals. Key business improvement issues are the focus of the development conversations. As trust builds within the cohort, feedback, coaching and peer support becomes increasingly effective.

Ongoing measurement of performance goals is vital to the leadership development process. A key part of Leader-to-Leader are Pulse Surveys, which are near real-time surveys that reinforce a leader’s commitment to taking action on a specific leadership goal from their Leadership Development Plan (what we call their “One Big Thing”). Each leader has a small accountability circle (5-7 people) of colleagues who give them direct feedback, periodically—a very brief, targeted pulse survey—on how their behavior-change experiments are working.

Each Leader-to-Leader session is facilitated in person or remotely by one of Trans4mation’s senior executive coaches.

One-On-One Coaching™

Every engagement can be enhanced by one-on-one coaching. Adding one-on-one coaching to the peer cohort coaching in Leader-to-Leader can add dramatic velocity to effectiveness in leadership. Most commonly, one-on-one coaching is conducted with the top-level leaders of those engaged in Leader-to-Leader cohorts, but can be extended to other team members as well.