Enterprise Coaching for Agility – Master Cohort Program (ECMP)

We are excited to launch our fourth Enterprise Coaching Master Cohort Program in May 2021! As we move into a new decade, Trans4mation is laser-focused on deepening the development of Enterprise Coaches and Leaders to radically change the results of Agile Transformations.

Organizations are looking to evolve their level of maturity from team level agility to enterprise level agility. Agile Coaching must then evolve from team to enterprise level to help make this possible. Until recently, Agile Coaching training and development has been focused on team coaching. As Agilists, we have a responsibility to understand that achieving Enterprise Agility is a serious organizational transformation that requires us to build new capabilities in order to help organizations build new capabilities.

Developing the capacity to work at the enterprise level of an organization requires more than understanding how to scale Agile. It requires the ability to work effectively with complex adaptive systems, addressing both the human and organizational aspects of transformational type change. Every year Agile survey’s continue to report the top reasons for failures of transformation to be: leadership, culture/mindset, and resistance to change. The only way to change the results we are seeing is to change the way in which we approach change.  The path to Agility is by getting really good at change – at how you go through change –  as an organization.

Our “Enterprise Coaching for Agility – Master Cohort Program” (ECMP) will take your Agile Coaching skills to the next level, helping you to develop a rich understanding of the complexity and scope of Enterprise Agility. There’s no other program in the world like it. It is the first Enterprise Coaching program to be accredited by ICAgile for the expert level certification in Enterprise Coaching. We launched the first “Pioneer Cohort” ECMP in October 2019 in the Azores Islands and are already seeing radical changes in how the coaches are relating to their own self as instrument of change, and in how they relate to and approach Agile Transformation.

Special shout out to these Pioneer “Co-Hearts” who have earned their ICAgile Certified Expert in Enterprise Coaching (ICE-EC) designation!

Do you want a RADICAL change in your own way of being as a Coach, and in your results with your clients? A RADICAL change that changes you from the inside, so that your very presence transforms the space you are in? In this Cohort, you will stand in your own storm of transformation, unravel and navigate your own complexity, and practice building the new capabilities you need to become a powerful instrument of transformation. Building the new capabilities will take you into a deep dive of the Integral Agile Transformation Framework, and a 4-quadrant pragmatic exploration of each of the Integral Disciplines needed to realize authentic, sustainable change. Building these capabilities is like building muscle, or building new habits. It is through the use of these pragmatic tools, application and practice that you will become an authentic force for transformation.

Our Vision For This Cohort

This is a Mastery program in Transformational Leadership.  It will be Integral in every sense. It will be a platform for you to change your life, and it will certainly change your work.  The ICAgile and IATF certifications are bonuses, but they are not the point or focus of the Cohort.

It is deeply rooted in methods and schools of thought from three professional coaching certification programs, Integral theory – Integral Agile Transformation Framework, Organizational Development (OD), and Enterprise Agile Coaching. It is led by two Co-leads who bring many years of experience leading organizations, Agile Transformations, and coaching & mentoring leaders and coaches around the world.  You will receive the ICAgile ENT, CAT & Expert Certification as well as the Integral Agile Transformation Framework™ Certification upon successful completion of this Cohort Program.



Cohort Kickoff Dates

5-day Cohort Kickoff (remote, 5-hour sessions): May 10-14, 2021 (9am – 2pm Eastern Time)

*All Cohort Members must be in attendance for the full 5 days.

Cohort Program Timeline

May 2021 – January 2022

Cohort Schedule

    • Following the Cohort Kickoff, we will meet approximately every 2 weeks, for 2.5-hour Virtual Zoom Video Sessions for a total of 14 Sessions (Mondays from 10am-12pm Eastern Time).
    • Peer Triad calls in between Cohort Sessions, for a minimum of 12 Triad calls.
    • 2 Individual Coaching sessions with Cohort Instructors.

Our Cohort Kickoff Energy

We will begin to create and strengthen our container even before the kickoff. We will immerse ourselves in a transformative space as individuals, and as a collective for 5 days. The week is structured to alternate between internal and external work each day, to allow for balance and energetic flow.  As a remote kickoff, we consciously give attention to what is needed to deepen our collective space, and create a container that allows for individual and collective transformational moments and experiences. It is this energy that we will carry forward on the Cohort journey.

Learning Outcomes

  • Developing Self as Leader – You are the most important instrument of change, develop self-awareness of strengths and limitations (Leadership Circle 360 Assessment) and ongoing feedback from your peers and co-leaders, develop a plan to build your desired capabilities.
  • Coaching Range – Coach individuals and systems, deep practice with professional coaching techniques, facilitate groups across organizational boundaries, coach at different levels of the organization, educate, mentor, and advise at the enterprise level.
  • Developing Leadership in Organizations – Invite, influence and initiate vertical leadership development at all levels.
  • Guiding Organizational Agility – Work with complex adaptive systems, using the Integral Agile Transformation Framework to co-create and design more adaptive structures, guide direction of product creation practices using an organization-centric approach, establish metrics that help organizations measure what matters and articulate how the outcomes being measure affect agility, effectively work with culture and barriers to change, and span the boundaries that have turned into barriers across the organization.
  • Guiding the Change Process – Learn and practice structured change approaches for entering and assessing client systems, guiding organizations in designing the change strategy, implementing, adapting, and sustaining the envisioned change.

Cohort Audience

Agile Coaches looking to expand Enterprise Coaching for Agility competencies; Agile Transformation Leaders; Change Management Leadership working with Agile Transformation.

Meet Your Cohort Instructors

Michele Madore: Founder & Principal of Trans4mation; Co-Author of “Agile Transformation: Using The Integral Agile Transformation Framework To Think and Lead Differently”; Co-creator of the Integral Agile Transformation Framework™; Professional Certified Integral Coach (ICC); ICAgile Certified Trainer-Agility in the Enterprise, Coaching Agile Transitions; ICAgile Certified Expert – Enterprise Coach Track (ICE-EC, ICP-ENT, ICP-CAT); Leadership Coach (Leadership Circle System, Certified Practitioner); Certified Strategic Change Consultant, 4Sight Conscious Change Leadership Program (Being First); Founder of the Agile Richmond User Group.  This list of certifications does not define me.  From a place of purpose, passion and intention, I intentionally choose to develop my way of being as an instrument of change.  I believe that I am the most important instrument of change and therefore I must bring my authentic, whole self to my clients. I teach others to do what I have been willing to do first.  I’ve led, developed, consulted and coached organizations for the past 25 years. Whether it’s an Agile Transformation, an acquisition, a start-up, expansion – what they all have in common is the human aspect of change.  And that is where the leverage is.  I will teach you how to leverage your self as instrument, how to access and bring forth your authentic voice, and equip you with powerful and practical tools and techniques to lead transformational change at the enterprise level.

Phillip Cave: Creator of DearHuman.Life, Professional Co-Active Coach, Professional Certified Coach (International Coach Federation), Leadership + Enterprise Agility Coach (ICP-ALP, ICP-ENT, ICP-CAT), Leadership Coaching (Leadership Circle System, Certified Practitioner), Organization Relationship Systems Coach Practitioner, iEQ9 (Enneagram) Certified Practitioner. OK, now that all the badges have been listed. I am not interested in those badges. I am interested in you. Who you are as a human in the role you sometimes play called “coach”. Who you are as human is who you are as coach. Your “effectiveness” as a coach is only as effective as how you are as human. Yes, I teach you tools and approaches to use with leaders and enterprises. Leaders are humans. Enterprises are filled with humans. I combine my 30 years practicing being human with the skills I learned in two startups, multiple leadership roles at large companies, multiple organizational change initiatives, and over a decade of consulting and coaching. I teach you to bring your full self to your coaching and give you practices and tools such that you become the you (and coach) you have longed for.

ICAgile Certifications

ICP-ENT (Agility in the Enterprise), ICP-CAT (Coaching Agile Transitions) & ICE-EC (Certified Expert in Enterprise Coaching). This is the first Enterprise Coaching program to be accredited by ICAgile for the expert level certification in Enterprise Coaching. This Cohort will give graduating participants all required courses for the Expert Certification.

If you already have the ENT and the CAT, please read carefully:

Every Cohort participant will go through the same curriculum. The ICAgile learning objectives are built into the overall Cohort program; it is not a separate part of the program. It will not be a repeat of the ENT and CAT courses you took with another provider since we teach the LO’s within the context of our Integral Agile Transformation Framework, which is the foundation for all of our content. However, we will reduce the overall tuition fee by $120 USD if you have already received the ENT and CAT.


  • Since this is a competency-based Cohort Program, you are required to have an Organizational client to apply learnings and use for your Case Study and Application.**

*Note: you do not have to be coaching at the C-level of the organization, but you do have to have the ability to work beyond just a team level coaching engagement.  For example, working with HR, Portfolio/Program, Leadership Coaching etc. is acceptable.

**Should your client engagement end during the Cohort, we will make every effort to work with you on an alternative solution. (This could include options such as using a volunteer client (pro-bono), partnering with a colleague, and other alternatives.)

  • Completion of the full Leadership Circle Profile Survey which you will need on Day 1 of Cohort Kickoff. (This is included in the program and we will help you set it up). 
  • Enneagram Test & Results (Included and brought with you to the Cohort Kickoff)

Prior Readings

What You Bring

  • Full participation and commitment to the Cohort and to your peers
  • An active client to apply the learnings with
  • Complete Leadership Circle Profile & Enneagram Test
  • Dedication to your personal leadership development plan, giving and receiving feedback with peers and Cohort leaders
  • Attend all Cohort & Triad Sessions – via Zoom video, Mural collaboration tool, Google Docs for Assignments, Slack
  • Curiosity and openness to your growth and learning
  • Completion of all assignments including your Client Case Study
  • Share & contribute on your Cohort Slack Channel & in all Sessions – balancing listening & speaking

Registration Process

The first step in the process is to complete our online application (below) which includes basic information and some essay questions. Upon receipt of your application, we will set up a brief phone conversation to get to know one another and determine if this is a fit. Once your application is approved, Brittany Tew (Operations Manager) will send you an invoice and work with you to make your deposit payment.

Tuition & Payment Options  

Tuition for Cohort Program – $5,900* USD and includes:

  • 5-Day Cohort Kickoff Training (remote)
  • 14 Remote Video Sessions
  • 2 Private Coaching Sessions
  • The Leadership Circle Profile This is the full profile to be completed by you and your evaluators prior to the Cohort Kickoff. Upon registration you will receive the information for the process. This also includes a private coaching debrief session.
  • ICAgile ICP-ENT, ICP-CAT and ICE-EC Certifications upon successful completion of requirements
  • Enneagram Test & Report

Payment Options

  • When you register, you will need to pay a minimum deposit of $1,500 to secure your seat.
  • Option 1: If paying in full up front, total tuition fee is discounted to $5,650.
  • Option 2: $1,500 deposit due upon registration, followed up with monthly payments of $550 starting on May 1 and each month on the 1st for a total of 8 months for a total price of $5,900.
  • **You will be asked to select from a list of payment options in your application.

If you have any questions, please contact our Operations Manager, Brittany Tew ([email protected]).

We are super excited about this Cohort experience, and we hope you will join us and take your coaching to the next level!

Enterprise Coaching for Agility – Master Cohort Program (ECMP)
Welcome to the Enterprise Coaching for Agility – Master Cohort Program Application. *Please note: you are not registered for the Cohort until you have gone through the application process and paid your deposit.
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