This is a 6 half-day bootcamp for Agile Leaders, Managers and Coaches that work at the enterprise level in Agile transformations.

Designed by Michele Madore, the Enterprise Coaching for Agility Bootcamp is built on the Integral Agile Transformation Framework™, including Integral approaches to Leadership, and an Integral organizational change model, all of which are whole-system frameworks. The course provides a set of thinking tools and a roadmap for guiding Agile Transformational Leaders and Coaches with a broad and holistic approach in their organizational environments. It is ideal for companies who wish to increase the capabilities of their Agile Leaders, Agile Managers, or Agile Coaches to lead Agile Transformations in order to sustain the change after external coaches leave.

The course helps participants look at their work through the four different integral lenses of leading an Agile Transformation: Leadership, Practices, Systems, and Culture in a powerful and impactful experiential style. Participants will gain an understanding of their own leadership effectiveness, the impact they have on those they are leading, and gain insight into their own personal breakthrough goals. Participants will also improve their ability to design and implement a successful organizational transformation that delivers breakthrough business, cultural and human results as a Change Leader. The Bootcamp focuses on expanding and deepening participant’s skill in Agile leadership, conscious organizational change, Integral and professional coaching skills. It qualifies for both of the knowledge-based certifications on ICAgile’s Enterprise Coaching for Agility track.

The Bootcamp takes place during six half-days over a period of three weeks, so that busy Leaders, Managers and Coaches can sign up without having to block off a whole week.

Bootcamp Leader

  • Michele Madore, Trans4mation


  • $1,950 USD (includes certification costs)


The bootcamp is from 9am-1pm EST, two days a week for three weeks. Please see the public schedule page for dates.

Target Audience

  • Agile Transformation Leaders
  • Change Agents and Change Management practitioners
  • Agile Champions
  • Managers and Aspiring Leaders
  • Agile Sponsors
  • Agile Coaches
  • ScrumMasters
  • Others in leadership positions wishing to deepen their organizational capacity to support deliberate change.

After This Bootcamp You Will …

The Enterprise Coaching for Agility Bootcamp is an educational and developmental experience, that will give you a fundamentally new perspective and understanding of Agile Transformations and Leadership. You will also acquire powerful tools that you can start using from day one after the bootcamp. Most participants experience that the bootcamp makes it possible for them to take a leap to a whole new level of understanding and effectiveness in their roles as leaders and coaches.

After this bootcamp you will be able to:

  • Lead and coach with more calm, flexibility and grace, even in complex situations.
  • Create unity and alignment in situations which others may deem unsolvable.
  • Understand the visible behavior of people and groups in your organization, how it is connected to the inner workings of your organizational system, and how it can be predicted, interpreted and influenced.
  • Utilize a new vocabulary, suited for transformative leadership and coaching.
  • See how your own and others’ developmental journey fit into – and even drive – the overall bigger picture.
  • Lead an Agile organization or transformation with a higher degree of consciousness and confidence.
  • Take deliberate action to move towards an organizational culture that aligns with your vision.
  • Assess your organization with greater precision in order to determine which steps are needed to move towards desired goals
  • Understand more about your own development and thereby improve your ability in supporting the development of others.
  • Better understand why your change efforts may sometimes be resisted and how to resolve such challenges in an inclusive way.
  • Use the Integral Agile Transformation Framework to design and implement larger change strategies as well as continuous improvement.
  • Engage and inspire people to participate in the development of themselves, their team and the whole organization.

Course Description

Are you experiencing barriers to your Agile Transformation? Do you feel people are resisting the change? Do you see a disconnect between what people say they want and what the organization is actually doing? Does the change feel overwhelming and lacking a compelling vision or strategy? These are just a few of the many experiences that we have worked with for many years, and we want to share a different approach that gets to the underlying barriers to change.

The Enterprise Coaching for Agility Bootcamp is a six half-day course for leaders, coaches and practitioners that are working, or aspiring to work, at the enterprise level in Agile transformations or transitions. It covers two knowledge-based certifications on the Enterprise Coaching for Agility track, one of ICAgile’s most advanced tracks, which has recently been incorporated into their new Business Agility Roadmap.

Agile Transformation is organizational change, and this course uses methods from the world of Organizational Design and Leadership Development, combined with Agile practices, systems and tools, to adequately address both organizational and human aspects of change that organizations feel as resistance. It is ideal for companies who wish to increase their internal Agile practitioner capabilities in order to lead and sustain the change.

Participants will look at their organizational work through the four different integral lenses of leading an Agile Transformation: Leadership, Practices, Systems, and Culture in a powerful, impactful and practical experiential style. As a Transformational Leader, you will gain an understanding of your own leadership effectiveness, the impact you have on those you are leading, and gain insight into your own personal breakthrough goals. The Bootcamp focuses on expanding and deepening your skill in Agile leadership, conscious organizational change, Integral and professional coaching skills.

If your Agile Transformation’s intention is to achieve enterprise agility, then an approach that incorporates researched and proven methods for working with both the human and business aspects of change is needed. In the Bootcamp we explore conscious organizational design, which attends to culture, mindset, practices & behaviors and structures & systems. Most people know Agile Transformation requires a mindset and culture change; however many do not know how to work with the human aspects of change. Research has proven this is the leverage needed to evolve your organization. This is the doorway into evolving how people and organization’s go through the process of change – either on auto-pilot or consciously – with intention and attention to the very things that trigger resistance.

Learning Outcomes

A shift from managing Agile implementations to deliberately leading Agile transformations or transitions:

  • Gain an understanding of Organizational Change, the types of change, and how to apply Conscious Change practices to successfully coach through the transformation or transition.
  • Have a solid understanding of the Integral Agile Transformation Framework™ and how to use this as a compass for coaching Agile transformations or transitions in your organization.
  • Learn about the Structure of Practices and how to apply them to Product Development Practices and Team Health Practices.

A better understanding of people and organizations:

  • Understand organizational structures and the impact they have on organizational performance and agility.
  • Learn and apply Systems Thinking tools and concepts (e.g., Value Stream Mapping) as a key competency needed for an Agile Transformation Leader operating at an enterprise level.

Knowledge of how to develop yourself and others:

  • Understand Adult Stages of Development and its application to leadership and business results.
  • Understand your role as an Agile Change Leader, or Enterprise Agility Coach in consciously designing your transformation approach, including starting with your own personal breakthrough.

Skills and tools that help you apply insights and learnings in your own work environment:

  • Practice professional coaching techniques and approaches for helping others develop their effectiveness in leading change.
  • Learn and practice Boundary Spanning Practices that enable Transformational breakthroughs.
  • Learn a research-based model of organizational culture complexity that can be used by leaders to design a culture that empowers breakthrough transformation business results.

Through the lens of the IATF, with you as leader/coach in the center, and within the context of an organizational scenario, we will then explore:

  • Human and Organizational Change – with models & approaches for development.
  • Assessing your Organization – a holistic approach to assessments, using the IATF Assessment model – looking at the levels and lines of development needed to reach their desired goal.
  • Organizational Change Strategies – elements to include, inputs to use.
  • Assessing and addressing your barriers to change – fun and energizing techniques with psychological safety and objectivity as guiding principles.
  • Change Communications – communicating change from an organizational design perspective – rather than formal corporate communication.
  • Engagement Strategies – how to engage people wherever they are in their current mindset about the change.
  • Facilitating and Educating – techniques for educating and facilitating large groups and at all levels within the organization.
  • Professional Coaching – elements from Integral Coaching and other professional methods, to more effectively work with coaching and helping people develop the capabilities needed to lead and navigate change.
  • Self As Instrument – building upon the Leadership Circle Profile and your self-assessment, we explore more deeply the path for self-development and your own impact as a leader of change, and the most important tool you have to work with.


Upon successful completion of this course, participants will receive:

  • ICAgile ICP-ENT Certified Professional (after passing a 6 question essay exam)
  • ICAgile ICP-CAT Certified Professional (after passing a 6 question essay exam)
  • Certificate of Training – Integral Agile Transformation Framework™
  • 21 Scrum Alliance SEUs toward the Certified Scrum Professional (CSP) level (students may apply for Category C SEUs directly with the Scrum Alliance).
  • Lots of practical exercises, tools and techniques to use and apply to your client.
  • LEADERSHIP CIRCLE PROFILE™ self-assessment and interpretation coaching

Delivery Model

The Bootcamp is delivered remotely.

This is an experiential course with simulated and real-case examples designed to help participants choose real-world examples to experiment and apply concepts for deepened learning.

Our remote learning tools include Zoom Video with breakout rooms, Mural, Google Docs, and Slack.

Bootcamp Logistics

No lunch, but frequent breaks.

There will be short homework assignments each night.


  • ICAgile ICP-ENT Certified Professional (after passing a short exam)
  • ICAgile ICP-CAT Certified Professional (after passing a short exam)
  • Certificate of Training – Integral Agile Transformation Framework™

Note: Ticket pricing (USD) includes your certifications.

You can also read more about ICAgile and the Enterprise Coaching Track and the Business Agility Roadmap on their website at:


Participants should have some grounded Agile knowledge and experience working in an Agile environment, in either business or technical areas of the organization.

Prior readings:

(Please note: To get the most out of this bootcamp, we highly recommend doing the reading – at least briefly – prior to the class.)

Participants will need to take the FREE Leadership Circle Self-Assessment prior to the class. You will need to have access to your self-assessment on the first day of class.

Attendance for all the days is required to receive the certifications.

Contact Information

Please let us know if you have questions about the Bootcamp or if we can be of assistance.

Brittany Tew, Trans4mation:

Cancellation Policy

Tickets are non-refundable, except on a case by case basis. The Eventbrite fee is non-refundable.


Can be found on the schedule page.