We’ve been working with ICAgile to help develop their Enterprise Agile Coaching track for many years. Lately we’ve been working on defining the “Expert gate” for the track, which will be used to assess a person’s competency as an enterprise coach and transformational leader.

ICAgile has agreed to partner with us on an early pilot of the Expert gate using our Integral Enterprise Coaching Cohort. Those that successfully graduate will be the first ICAgile designated Experts in Enterprise Agile Coaching in the world.

We are so excited to kickoff our very first Enterprise Coach-Master Program, (ECMP) –“The Pioneer Cohort” —  As we look back at our own journeys, we remember the game-changing events that enabled us to deepen our understanding of our way of being with the world and our work, and to sharpen our skills and strategies changing the impact we have in the world.  This Cohort promises to be an unforgettable experience that will take you to the next level, in your personal and professional life.

Enterprise Coach Cohort Brochure

LOCATION:  We are thrilled to announce the location of Furnas, Sao Miguel Island, one of the 9 Azores Islands in Portugal as the chosen spot for our first Cohort!  National Geographic named this “the most beautiful destination in the world for business trips and holidays in 2016”.  The Azores Islands offers the perfect balance between breathtaking nature and the convenience, comfort and safety of a developed country.  It is also located in the largest concentration of thermal waters in Europe.  We want you to have an unforgettable experience in this unique volcanic paradise!

Below is a video on the location – a blog on “10 Reasons Why Azores Is One Of The Best Workation Destinations” – and information about LivinIt Azores, the Corporate Event Service Company, and what you can expect if you join us.

Marketing (Location) Video

Link to Blog

Azores Cohort Experience


DATE FOR BOOTCAMP/COHORT KICKOFF:  October 7-11th.   We will end on Friday the 11th at 5:00 pm.  All participants will need to be in attendance for the full week.


COHORT SCHEDULE:  Following the Bootcamp-Cohort Kickoff, we will meet approximately every 3 weeks, for 2-hour Virtual Video Sessions via Zoom for a total of 13 Sessions, with the potential of 14 to include the final Session.  Here are the tentative Scheduled Cohort Session Dates:

  • October 21
  • November 11th
  • December 2nd & 16th
  • January 13th
  • February 3rd & 24th
  • March 16th
  • April 6th
  • April 27th
  • May 18th
  • June 8th & 29th



The week is structured to alternate between internal and external work each day, to allow for balance and energetic flow. There will be a couple of evening activities following dinner as a Cohort. Our week together will include time to be in nature, time to integrate, deep reflecting, using intentional ritual, practical exercises for use with clients, and time to connect, share and sharpen, individually and collectively. 

Daily Themes:

Day 1: Self as Instrument of Transformation, Creating our WE Container.  Enterprise Agility and the Enterprise Agile Coach role.

Day 2: Integral Agile Change Model, Entering and Assessing the Client Enterprise System

Day 3: Visioning & Designing the Change

Day 4: Implementing the Change

Day 5: Using Integral Disciplines to Achieve Agility & Cohort Assignments



Hot Springs Hike & Meditation

Drumming Circle with Mindful Leader, Rimi

Other activities led by your Co-Leads


YOUR COHORT CO-LEADS: Michele Madore, Michael Spayd, Phillip Cave



This is a Mastery program in Transformational Leadership.  It will be Integral in every sense. It will be a platform for you to change your life, and it will certainly change your work.  The ICAgile and IATF certifications are bonuses, but they are not the point or focus of the Cohort.

It will be deeply rooted in methods and schools of thought from three professional coaching certification programs, Integral theory, Organizational Development (OD), our Integral Agile Change Model and Enterprise Agile Coaching led by 3 Co-leads who bring many years of experience leading organizations, Agile Transformations, and coaching & mentoring leaders and coaches around the world.  Please take note: You will not receive certifications in any of the 3 professional coaching certification programs. You will receive the ICAgile CAT & Expert Certification as well as the Integral Agile Transformation Framework Certification.


ICAGILE CERTIFICATION: ICP-CAT (Coaching Agile Transitions) & ICE-EC (Certified Expert in Enterprise Coaching). This is the first ICAgile Expert Cohort and is approved as an ICAgile Pilot for the Expert Gate. The exact requirements are not finalized, however, we are a part of the ICAgile committee working on the Expert certification gate requirements. We will be incorporating the requirements for the ICP-CAT into the Cohort program. This Cohort, and our ATL Workshop will give graduating participants all required courses for the Expert Certification.



You must have attended our ATL (Agile Trans4mational Leader Workshop) prior to attending the Cohort. Exceptions or other arrangements will be considered on a case by case basis. (Anyone who has not attended ATL can register for our Boston ATL Workshop, scheduled for September 18-20.)

Organizational client required to use for your Case Study and application.

  • *Note: you do not have to be coaching at the C-level of the organization, but you do have to have the ability to work beyond just a team level coaching engagement.  For example, working with HR, Portfolio/Program, Leadership Coaching etc. is acceptable.
  • Should your client engagement end during the Cohort, we will make every effort to work with you on an alternative solution. (This could include options such as using a volunteer client (pro-bono), partnering with a colleague, and other alternatives.)

Completion of the full Leadership Circle Profile Survey which you will need on Day 1 of Bootcamp. (This is included in the program and we will help you set it up). 

Prior Reading: We will provide you the books in advance:

  • Scaling Leadership, the 2nd book written by Bob Anderson and Bill Adams. (We will provide the book)
  • Transformation: Using the Integral Agile Framework to Achieve Breakthrough Results, written by Michael Spayd and Michele Madore



What are Integral Disciplines? They are a handful of key organizational disciplines (a branch of organizational knowledge comprised of sets of Integral practices, perspectives and goal matrices) that together lead an organization towards overall Integral Agility. 

  • Raising Orders of Consciousness – raising the average individual’s order of consciousness across the organization e.g., using TLC or similar work to move the average Order of Consciousness from Socialized to Self-Authoring Mind
  • Conscious Self
  • Conscious Organization
  • Conscious Leadership
  • Synergistic Product Innovation – moving in the direction of organization-centric product development using Agile methods, boundary spanning practices, and other practices to dramatically improve business results and customer satisfaction.  
  • Conscious Products
  • Aligning Organizational Culture – designing, shifting and shaping the organization’s collective set of beliefs, mores, mental models, etc. in the direction of — and to create a hospitable environment for — the overall organizational vision, business goals, and way of being.
  • Creating a Deliberately Developmental Organization
  • Conscious Culture
  • Creating Structural Adaptability & Flow – Designing and implementing organizational structures, governance, and policies that optimize flow, value creation, and human well-being.
  • Conscious Change Discipline — Taking a proactive, leader-based, sustainable approach to organizational change.  Holding the client as a system and working at all holon levels of the organization.



All Sessions will be held from 12:00 – 2:00 pm Eastern Time (US).

Session Topic: — Your Way of Being as an Enterprise Agile Coach using Integral Disciplines

      • Integral Discipline: Raising Orders of Consciousness 

Session Topic — Systems Entry & Creating Partnerships

      • Integral Discipline: Conscious Change

Session Topic — Organization-centric Product Innovation Practices

      • Integral Discipline: Synergistic Product Innovation

Session Topic — Designing & Conducting Assessments – Revealing the System to Itself 

      • Integral Discipline: Conscious Change

Session Topic — Systemic Consciousness & Designing Culture 

      • Integral Discipline: Aligning Org Culture (Creating Conscious Culture)

Session Topic — Change Strategy & Roadmapping

      • Integral Discipline: Conscious Change

Session Topic — Coaching Leaders & Sustaining Development 

      • Integral Discipline: Raising Orders of Consciousness

Session Topic — Adaptive Structures, Governance & Flow 

      • Integral Discipline: Creating Structural Adaptability & Flow 

Session Topic Creating a Transformational Container — Facilitation Techniques (Boundary Spanning, Large Group, Deep container)

      • Integral Discipline: Conscious Change

Session Topic — Holding the Client as a System

      • Integral Discipline: Conscious Change

Session Topic — Organizational Education & Communication Plans

      • Integral Discipline: Conscious Change

Session Topic — Establishing an Enterprise Agility Group – Working the Organizational Improvement Plan

      • Integral Discipline: Conscious Change

Session Topic — Sustaining the Change

    • Integral Discipline: Conscious Change


REGISTRATION PROCESS: The first step in the process is to complete our online application (below) which includes basic information and some essay questions to help us in determining if this Cohort is a fit for you and what you are hoping for. Once your application is approved, Brittany Tew (Operations Manager) will send you an invoice and CCAuth form for payment.

*We are accepting 21 students to this first “Pioneer Cohort“.



Tuition for 9 Month Cohort Program – Standard price is $9,450.  This “Pioneer Cohort” price is discounted to $7,500.

The Price does not include airfare or lodging for the Bootcamp.  It does includes the Bootcamp as well as the full Leadership Circle Profile.  Upon registration, you will receive the information for beginning the Leadership Circle Profile Process.

Lodging, Meals & Activities – $1,130 per person*.  We have worked with LivinIt Azores for this packaged offering.  We are not able to allow each person to call and pay individually, so we will be paying all fees and collecting your payment upfront.  The $1,130 covers 5 nights of lodging (Arriving Sunday-Checking out on Friday), Breakfast, Lunch and 3 Dinners. (The other 2 nights are ‘free nights’ for you to decide what you would like to do.)  It also covers the Activities.  *It does not include transportation to and from the airport or your airfare.

Payments:  When you register, you will need to pay a minimum deposit of $2,550, as well as the $1,130.  You can pay the full tuition if you prefer.  Monthly payments of $550 throughout the Cohort are also an option. **You will be asked to select from a list of payment options in your application.

We are really excited about this Program, and we hope you are too!  If you have any further questions, or just want to share your thoughts, please reach out to Brittany Tew (Operations Manager) directly – [email protected]