Culture change is one of the cutting-edge challenges in most organizations today.  There are conditions and strategies that must be in place for success; one of these conditions is that culture change must have a champion and be modeled by leadership. The Transforming Culture™ : The Leader’s Key Job workshop focuses on the organization’s culture and the leaders’ responsibility for envisioning, building and empowering that culture. Transforming Culture™  takes data from current cultural values, culture visions, and (optionally) results of the Leadership Culture Survey™ , which is measured along the same dimensions as the Leadership Circle Profile™ .  The Transforming Culture™ workshop is a forum for whole-system positive change.  It provides a unifying development experience and builds the foundation for a more creative, effective culture of Leadership.  It is designed to provide critical insights and create strong, positive energy for the leadership team, based on Appreciative Inquiry’s 4-D process of Discovery, Dream, Design, and Destiny, providing a powerful vehicle for co-creating a vision of culture and how to change it.

The Discovery phase finds common ground by examining what our corporate culture looks like, who we are individually and collectively, what our core competencies are and what are the hopes and dreams we have for the future. The Dream phase envisions the organization’s greatest potential for positive impact in the world and consists of a facilitated dialogue to find the collective High Dream. Design is the time to create the culture indicators aligned around mission, values, goals, and the desired future state. In Destiny we move to inspired actions that lead from Discovery, Dream and Design, inspired by the wake-up call for change that began the desire to change the culture in the first place.