Leadership – It’s what everyone is talking about, writing about, teaching about, because we KNOW we have to “Transform Leadership.”  At Trans4mation, we aspire to “Transform Transformations.”  This will only happen if we transform how we think about and go about developing leadership, because transformation starts within the leader, within ourselves.  It starts with Conscious Integral Leadership.

If we look at the landscape for leadership now and in the years ahead, what we know is that the need for leaders to span the boundaries that exist horizontally, vertically, geographically, demographically, and with a vast array of stakeholders is only going to intensify. Many organizations are in some stage of culture shift, moving away from being dependent on a few senior leaders, to becoming a culture where many leaders throughout the organization – and across all existing boundaries – can collaborate to be effective at enacting change. As more and more organizations expand their footprint to reach all the corners of the world, and as the world continues to flatten, the need to strengthen leadership and human relationships becomes paramount to success.

When you think about the root cause of the divides, conflicts, chaos, rifts, lack of progress and other problems, most can be attributed to deeper dynamics formed in human relationships.  These divides are all about “Identity” – who we are at our core. Many of the limitations that exist and matter most are not structural or organizational; they are psychological and emotional. Identity is about our core values, how we define ourselves, make meaning of things, and our beliefs concerning how we fit within our social world. So, getting to our underlying beliefs and assumptions is the first step in working on our own leadership effectiveness. That is the reason we use The Leadership Circle™ Assessment Tool at Trans4mation, because it is more than just a horizontal assessment – it is a vertical development tool. Horizontal leadership development programs build skills – they give people the tools to do what they are doing with more efficiency. Vertical leadership development programs, on the other hand, are built on the science of human development that shows how our minds can continue to grow through our lifetime. Bigger mindsets translate into the ability to lead effectively in a complex and ever-changing world. Growing your collective leadership mindset is your one unique competitive advantage.

We call this mindset we try to cultivate, conscious integral leadership. By Conscious, we mean awake, mindful, aware, and intentional. Becoming more conscious requires that we understand the beliefs and assumptions inside us that run (and undermine) our ability to change. By Integral we mean the rich tradition that says our leadership (and humanness) increase in complexity based on how many different perspectives we are authentically able to take.

We as a company, recently felt inspired to invest even more deeply in the work of evolving conscious integral leadership in those we work with. We are leveraging the opportunities we have with clients, colleagues, and participants of our Agile Trans4mational Leader™ workshop to share our own personal transformation stories, and to share how we came to a breakthrough in our own development as leaders. Additionally, we have designed our workshop to allow each participant to receive a free LCP™ (Leadership Circle Profile), a 360 Assessment with a coaching debrief following the workshop.   During the Workshop, we will also share many other tools and techniques for conscious integral development – because we believe this is the work to do during this time.

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