Transformational Leadership for Mastering Change

There’s a lot of talk about Agile Transformations. And, there’s a lot of talk about Transformational Leadership. What’s the link? First, a true Agile Transformation is a major Organizational Change, not an IT-driven “installation” of a process or a toolset. It’s a major disruption for everyone and everything in an organization, including you. Research shows that Organizational Change is successful to the extent that the leaders have developed their own capacities to lead in the complexity of change. The inconvenient truth is that before we can change an organization, we have to change.

We call this process of changing ourselves, developing Transformational Leadership. Leadership that starts with our own wake-up call, recognizing we have reached our limits when we deploy the same strategies we have been using to solve new, more complex business problems. Developing new strategies is not just problem solving; it’s understanding how our behavior is driven by our beliefs and assumptions. To develop, we must transform our mindset. We do an in-depth exploration of this in our Agile Trans4mational Leader™ workshop.

This Workshop focuses on expanding and deepening participant’s skill in Agile leadership, conscious organizational change, Integral and professional coaching skills, while using our Integral Agile Framework™ (originally developed by Michael Spayd) whole-system approach. The course helps participants look at their work through the four different integral lenses of leading an Agile Transformation: Leadership, Practices, Systems, and Culture in a powerful and impactful experiential style.

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