Conscious Leadership

Our world is hungry for Conscious Leadership.  Transformational Leadership is becoming a popular term, even a buzz word, just as the word “Transformation” has become. But what does it really mean? To be a transformational leader you must first become “conscious.”  Consciousness implies an “awakened” state. When you become a “conscious” leader, you operate from “awakened doing” meaning you are no longer on auto-pilot.  It is not the what you do, but is the HOW you do it that determines whether you are fulfilling your purpose. You are able to see that the old ways of doing things aren’t working and that there are new possibilities. Awakened doing is the alignment of your outer purpose (what you do) with your inner purpose. Consciousness begins to flow through your thoughts and inspires your actions. Your doing with consciousness is what brings about quality, impact, change and true transformation. All successful action comes about from an awakened state of being in a person rather than conditioned unconscious thinking. The future success in our organizations and in our world is dependent upon the consciousness out of which actions come from. They either come from a reactive ego and unconsciousness or the creativeness of awakened consciousness.

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