We are changing the way we lead change

Integral Leadership

Leader-first – To be successful, organizational transformations must start in the mind of the leader, since a business can never outperform the effectiveness of its senior leaders. We help leaders evolve their collective leadership into a competitive advantage, which in turn prepares the way for the transformation.


The Integral Agile Transformation Framework™ is designed to be comprehensive and inclusive of all four fundamental perspectives, from mindset to behavior, and from culture to systems and structure. It also represents the major culture value memes, from Traditional-Amber through Evolutionary-Teal to reveal culture complexity. The framework creates a meta-map, whereby any organizational situation or dilemma can be easily placed and mapped to an appropriate approach or methodology.


The purpose of a change model is to provide guidance to leadership on envisioning, planning and action to create change. Our model does not assume that change can be “managed,” but rather that it must be led by creating a vision, enrolling others in that vision, devising experiments that seek breakthrough results, then facilitating learning from the whole process. Underlying it all is the capacity for outcome-creating leadership.